Zach Flood, Psychotherapist and Associate Evaluator with the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. He joined the Men’s Resource Center after a successful career in business sales and management.

Zach Flood, MA, LLP

Immersed in the world of business, Zach’s focus was on building relationships with clients and vendors, providing solutions, and developing teams. Although he enjoyed his job and the companies he worked with, eventually the work felt transactional and unfulfilling. He transferred his expertise in human interaction and relationship building to a career in psychology.

Zach chose the Men’s Resource Center in part because of its focus on revisioning masculinity and working with men and boys to more fully-develop their humanity. There are many aspects of traditional masculinity that he sees as healthy and helpful, but far too many ways in which it has been twisted and radicalized. He has experienced the nurturing side of men as well as how the way in which boys are raised can either draw them closer to or alienate them from others.

He entered this profession with a passion and vigor directed at the goal of helping men become the fullest version of themselves. Men are constantly measured by what they achieve or produce. They are conditioned, through perpetuated gender roles, that traits such as strength and/or stoicism are the only acceptable reactions to stress or hardship. Zach believes that while these reactions can be valuable in certain situations, there is a more complete definition of what it means to be a man in today’s society. He is determined to have a say in how masculinity is viewed in the future.

Zach appreciates the opportunity to counsel men who struggle to adapt to the twenty-first century work environment where different skillsets are valued. And, on the other side, to work with businesses and organizations in creating healthy work environments. He knows the stress new challenges and past experiences can have on mental health and is available for individual and group counseling. No experience is going to be the same, but every experience deserves the same amount of care and attention.

You can hear about Zach’s work with businesses and individuals on the Revealing Men podcast. For more information about in-person and remote counseling, contact the Men’s Resource Center online or call at (616) 456-1178.